My name is not important and I am a second year student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. I am an arts student and I would love to answer any questions regarding Carleton, whether you are a prospective student or a current student. I just finished my first year, and I have lived through it all (residence, classes, clubs, sororities, city life) so ask me anything, I will do my best to help :)

Attention: I am not a professional or an expert. I am just a student who loves to help wherever I can :)

The photography I post is all mine, unless stated otherwise. The Carleton University Logo was taken from Google Images, and the Carleton University Crest was taken from the University's Wikipedia Page. Enjoy!


digifyouwant-deactivated2013040 asked
Suppose you're required to take a math course, but math happens not to be one of your strengths. Are there any math tutors available? Do we have to pay for their services if any?

There are definitely tutors available to help. I attached the link to the “Student Academic Success Centre” website which tells you everything there is to know about tutors. There is a cost however. You are required to pay between $10-$14 per hour. Also, you can ask your T-A’s (Teacher’s Assistant) for help if needed. Some classes also have an extra help program called “PASS”. PASS is not mandatory, but is great to go to in-case you are having problems understanding something. The PASS facilitator is a student from an upper year who has taken the course and succeeded. PASS is also free. Good luck with math!

Heading to Carleton as a First Year Student in the Fall?

Check out the official “Accepted: Carleton University 2011: Meet the class of 2015” Facebook page. Here, you will be able to connect with prospective students just like you!


Anonymous asked
Should I grow a beard? Is Carleton beard-friendly?

Go for it! You will need it to keep your face warm once December rolls around. Carleton has a “Movember” competition during the month of November to raise money for Men’s health. It was a great success last year. Check out the “Movember” website, people go all out at Carleton.


Anonymous asked
What are the advantages and disadvantages of joining an international or local sorority at Carleton?

Great question! There are few differences, however they could play a significant role in whether the organization you choose to rush is international, national, or local. 

First of all I will provide you with a list of which Sororities and Fraternities are International, National, or Local.

International Fraternities:

Kappa Sigma - ΚΣ

Tau Kappa Epsilon - ΤΚΕ

Sigma Pi - ΣΠ

Omega Psi Phi - ΩΨΦ

Alpha Epsilon Pi - ΑΕΠ


Sigma Chi ΣΧ

Beta theta Pi ΒΘΠ

Local Fraternities:

Omega Theta Alpha - ΩΘΑ

Delta Pi - ΔΠ

Local Sororities:

 Xi Delta Theta - ΞΔθ

Tau Sigma Phi - ΤΣΦ

Nu Sigma Pi - ΝΣΠ

Delta Psi Delta - ΔΨΔ

Sigma Psi Alpha - ΣΨΑ

Kappa Zeta Psi - ΣΖΨ

International Sororities:

Phi Sigma Sigma - ΦΣΣ

Delta Delta Delta - ΔΔΔ

Alpha Omicron Pi - ΑΟΠ

National Sororities:

Alpha Pi Phi – ΑΠΦ

The International organizations usually have higher yearly fees due to the fact that the cost is determined by headquarters. Local/National Organizations cost less because they have the freedom to choose the cost. International Fraternities. Basically, Local Organizations have more freedom. They have their own say how the Organization is run and they make their own rules regarding membership requirements, alcohol, hazing, visits from headquarters etc. 

This does not make Local any better than National or International/vice versa. It all depends on the Organization and how they run things. Every organization is unique so go out there and research which Organization suits you best. Previously I have answered a question about Carleton’s Greek Life and I included the websites of every Greek Organization to make your research easier :)

Great site for Carleton Students/Ottawa residents!

Hello everyone! There is a great website called “CanCulture” that is run by a bunch of Carleton students in their spare time. (Not all may go to Carleton but most do). The website covers everything to do with Canadian culture, mostly in the Ottawa in Toronto area. Check it out, its a great site!


TUMBLR: http://canculture.tumblr.com/

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.canculture.com/ 

davidmacmillan asked
when's frosh week and when is orientation? Should I know about any other important events?

Great question! Frosh week and Orientation week are the exact same thing, just two different names. Frosh/Orientation week begins early September and lasts for an entire week. However there is another Orientation called Summer Orientation which only lasts one day (I will elaborate on Summer Orientation after I explain Frosh/Fall Orientation). Last year, it began on September 5th, and I believe it lasted until the 11th. Every year there is a theme the entire weeks events are designed around. Last year it was “CU At The Circus”. The theme for the upcoming year is "Raven’s Toy Chest". I have included the link to the Fall Orientation page, which can provide you with more information, however it still needs to be updated regarding the registration dead-line. 


I highly suggest registering in Frosh/Fall Orientation. It is the perfect way to meet new friends and a great way to start off the school year. You will be on the same team as everyone in your floor in residence, and if you are not in residence you will be placed on the team for off-campus students. 

Some events that took place the previous year were:

-Much Music Video Dance


-Air-band competition

-Shinerama Sleep Over

-BBQ for residence students

-watching a play about University

-Beach Day (so much fun!)

Possible teams names for “Raven’s Toy Chest”:

◦ The Pogs
◦ The Dinosaurs
◦ The Superheroes
◦ The Cartoons
◦ The Slinkys
◦ The Barrel of Monkeys
◦ The Patato Heads
◦ The Teddy Bears
◦ The Action Figures
◦ The Crayons
◦ The Hot Wheels
◦ The Super Soakers
◦ The Trolls
◦ The Silly Puttys
◦ The Bouncy Balls
◦ The Hula Hoops

Also, there are different types of Orientations for different programs. If you are an Engineer, you would participate in "Engfrosh", designed specifically for Engineers. If you are in the "Sprott School of Business", you would participate in "Sprosh", designed specifically for Business students. If you are an International student, there is an orientation for you as well! 

https://www.cu-fyeo.ca/ This website will help you register for Summer Orientation. Summer Orientation is NOT the same as Orientation week/Frosh Week in September. Summer Orientation takes place throughout July. The day you attend depends on your program. The link above will explain all of this and provide you with a calendar that will inform you of which day you fall under for Summer Orientation. I suggest everyone attends Summer Orientation. It is extremely helpful with answering any questions, you will receive a tour of the campus and residence, and you will also get a free meal in the residence cafeteria! 

I suggest that you keep checking the website for updates regarding registration.

Regarding other important dates you should be aware of, you will receive (or may have already received) a package in the mail with all of this information. The dates you should be aware of is when your registration time-ticket takes place, when to register for summer-orientation (which I highly suggest everyone attends), your move-in date, and when your payments are due. 

Hopefully I could help! I hope you have a great first year experience. Let me know if you have other questions or concerns!

Anonymous asked
i'm going to uni at carleton next year but i'm really not a big drinker or huge party person... is rez all booze all the time or can you have a good time w/o alcohol there?

Don’t worry! Although it may seem like residence life is just one huge party, it doesn’t have to be for everyone. When you fill out your residence application you should answer your questionnaire with the intentions of being put on a quiet floor. Answer questions such as “Do you require silence to do work?” with “yes” and “Do you go to bed before 11pm” with “yes”. 

If you are placed on a quiet floor you will nit be distracted in the middle of the night by noisy parties on your floor (trust me, I have been woken up at least 10 times last year by noisy drinkers on my floor. It gets old fast).

There definitely are ways in residence to have a great time without alcohol! Go to sports events to support your favourite Raven’s team, go out and explore the many places to eat on campus such as “Oliver’s”. “Mike’s Place”, “Oasis”, “Baker’s Grill”, and of course the Cafeteria in the University Centre. There is a great place to go located in the tunnels of Stormont called “The Raven’s Roost” which is a nice little getaway for Residence students. Often, there will be movies showing, television shows, Bingo, Talent Shows, etc. The room is filled with arcade games and a ping-pong table, couched and a huge television with games such as “Rock-Band”, and “Guitar-Hero”. During exams they even have a free ice-cream Sundae bar set up! 

Trust me, just because you are not a drinker does not mean you will have a negative experience, there is plenty to do!

Have a great year, let me know if you have any other questions :)

Anonymous asked
Hey! I'm finishing cegep in Québec this year and then looking at doing a BA in Criminology at Carleton. What have you heard about the criminology program at Carleton; is it any good?

I have several friends in Criminology at Carleton. It is a great school, and location to study Criminology because Ottawa has a lot to offer being the Capital of Canada. You are required to take classes such as Sociology, Psychology, and Law. You are also able to spend one on one time with an Ottawa Police Officer following her/him around in the Police car to learn more about the Police and Legal system. You will eventually receivea Field Placement, which is where living in Ottawa is extremely beneficial. Below I have provided the official Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice website. Good luck finishing cegep in Québec!


formerly-thesquirtlesquad-deact asked
I just accepted my offer to Carleton today. I'm incredibly nervous, mainly because I'm afraid I'll get flustered and completely fail. I have terrible problems with anxiety and stress. I'm not sure what to do.

"My last question was kind of ridiculous. I guess what I’m trying to ask is as a student with chronic anxiety/stress, is there any help I can get at Carleton? Or, will I have to tough it out?" (the rest of "theturtlesquad“‘s question)

That is not a ridiculous question at all, seriously. First off, congratulations on the acceptance! Its understandable to be nervous. I was in the same boat as you last year, nervousness is completely normal when dealing with something so exciting and scary as going to University, especially if you are moving away from home to do so.

If you are worried about dealing with stress and anxiety, there are definitely ways of dealing with it without failing!

What you need to do is become a professional at time management. It is not the easiest or funnest thing to do, but if you fear you will potentially fail due to your anxiety, this is the best solution. 

Your first week of classes are going to be very over-whelming, not going to lie. However, you will eventually adjust! University class rooms are much different than high-school. One of my classes had over 600 students in it, and there are people of all different ages. All you have to do is to continue going to class (way to many students skip classes regularly, THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM AND IT WASTES YOUR MONEY), plus it will benefit you in the end, especially if you have trouble handling stress. There is nothing worse than when mid-term/exam time rolls around and you realize you know nothing, and on top of studying you also have to teach yourself the course which could easily be avoided if you attend class regularly.

Other ways to avoid stress regarding your school work would constitute you keeping up with your weekly readings and to get a head start on your assignments. Trust me, they pile up very fast so it it key to get it done as soon as possible instead of procrastinating. 

Carleton also offers services such as counselling you are more than welcome to attend to discuss any anxiety and issues that concern you. This service is free of charge, and is extremely beneficial. You will receive advice on how to deal with anxiety. This service is a life saver for tons of students every year. 

I wish you luck!!

Here is a photo I took of Dunton Tower, the tallest building at Carleton! It is located in the quad (the cutest place on campus!)

Here is a photo I took of Dunton Tower, the tallest building at Carleton! It is located in the quad (the cutest place on campus!)

Anonymous asked
is it easy to get in???

Great question! It all depends on what program you are applying for. Some programs at Carleton are more difficult to get into than others. For instance, Carleton’s Journalism program is quite prestigious, and you would need higher grades to gain acceptance to that program compared to most Bachelor of Arts programs (just an example).

Click on the link provided and read about the requirements for every program. U Tours is a great website for finding information on just about anything Carleton related, and you can even compare Carleton to other Canadian Universities. Hopefully I helped :)


This is a photo of my best friend and I the winter before I started at Carleton. I was just on a cute little campus tour, but little did I know the amazing experience that would await me! Carleton was the right school for me. So glad I chose Carleton instead of another University! <3

This is a photo of my best friend and I the winter before I started at Carleton. I was just on a cute little campus tour, but little did I know the amazing experience that would await me! Carleton was the right school for me. So glad I chose Carleton instead of another University! <3

kamyrawr asked
and thanks for the follow :)

No problem! Same to you :) Let me know if you have any questions that need answering, thats why I am here!

kamyrawr asked
its kinda neat to stumble upon this blog :) YAY CARLETON! I'll be going there in the fall :) Totaly excited!

Congrats! You will have the time of your life, My first year at Carleton was amazing. You are going to just love it. The best advice I can give is to get out of your dorm room and get involved in the campus, and socialize. You will meet tons of amazing people and life long friends. Also, participate in Frosh week! It is going to be a great one coming up, I am lucky enough to be a Frosh facilitator too! Frosh is great for meeting new friends and having tons of fun before the first week of classes start. Good luck girl!